Distributed Key Management System

Next generation key management system based on Threshold-Sig and Proxy Re-encryption
Decentralized distributed key generation, signature, hosting, recovery solution

DKG technology generates a distributed private key

The rotation algorithm prevents malicious attacks

Homomorphic encryption implements ciphertext processing, zero-knowledge proofing implements privacy verification

Threshold signatures enable multi-party validation

Proxy re-encryption and redundant storage enable decentralized hosting and recovery of private keys


New cryptographic signature mode for key management. Signatures do not need to combine complete private keys.

In Itering DKMS, User and Server each part holds half of private key, which is signed to form a complete and usable signature data. There is no complete key on any device, reducing the likelihood of theft

Operational complexityNormalComplexComplex
Technical realizationNormalComplexDifficult
SafetyNormalSafeMore Safe
PrivacyNormalNormalMore Safe

Proxy Re-encryption

Proxy Re-encryption is a type of public key encryption that allows a proxy node to transfer ciphertext from one public key to another without reading the plaintext

Itering DKMS applies Proxy Re-encryption technology to the backup and recovery of private keys, reducing the risk of wallet loss and improving asset security.During the backup and recovery of the private key, the ciphertext and private key are always stored separately. The control of the private key is firmly in the hands of the user, and any suspicion of the escrow party is prevented

Advantage of Itering DKMS

Maximize the security, privacy and usability of digital assets

Lower miner transaction costs

Flexible key sharing recovery to recover your wallet even if your device is unavailable or your key is lost

No complete key on any device, reducing the possibility of theft

Multi-scene, customizable solution

Cryptographic exchange

Digital wallet

Digital currency advanced user

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