Promote the massive adoption of blockchain and iterate to a trust-free future

Core Technology
  • Infrastructure of Public Chain / Alliance Chain
  • Decentralized Asset Depository
  • Decentralized Cross Chain Network
  • WASM development platform
  • Blockchain Framework and Tools

    Relying on the technical strength and experience in the development of the blockchain, we provides Baas solutions for companies developing blockchain applications, including blockchain underlying architecture solutions and middleware tools services

  • Blockchain Supervision Technology

    Blockchain and smart contracts can evolve post-regulation into in-process supervision, with the decentralized identity system we can greatly enhance the effectiveness and convenience of supervision technology

  • Blockchain Games and On-chain Service

    Game applications and game assets can expand more application space under the blessing of blockchain and smart contracts. With the decentralized asset depository solution, multiple assets including game assets will have more imagination

  • Blockchain +

    Relying on the powerful capabilities in the development of the underlying public chain, cross-chain and smart contract, we can greatly reduce the development threshold and the cost of the data on-chain, which can be applied to the proof, traceability, supply chain, credit information and other scenarios

Characteristic Superiority
  • Low Cost

    30 minutes self-service start full blockchain network, one-click chain

  • High Customized

    Pluggable consensus algorithms, smart contracts, encryption algorithms, and many common modules

  • Module Store

    Functional module LEGO, to meet the needs of the field, self-controllable, on-demand

  • Leading Technology

    The underlying adoption of the substrate framework is at the world's leading level

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